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Yesterday my travel in Poland ended! I was very lucky with the weather and with the fact that I was able to rent a mountainbike a few times, a great way to discover the landscape. Way better then a car if you ask me! Wanted to share this cave image with you, the lextures, the layers and the perspective is great to see. Going to try to capture that with a brush and some ink. Notice the entrance of the cave also: who would expect that inside you can walk an hour without seing anything twice! Thanks The Jaunt, for this great experience.

Poland has been good to me the past days! I’ve enjoyed the nature of Wisla on a mountainbike yesterday. Went uphill. Which was quite challenging due to the 34 degrees. Went for a swim, of course, cause to me there’s no trip without taking a dive. To get to Wisla I had to make a long travel, several trains and busses. That was joyful as well, I love train rides. No screen can compete the trainwindow. At some point during the travel the train didn’t go any further, so I had to take a bus instead, and a 1,5 hrs walk. During the train ride I had the chance of reading in my book: the letters of Vincent van Gogh. Speaking of traveling artists… Its highly inspiring to read his letters to his brother, that are about his challenges as an artist, his constant struggle with getting by and his issues with other people and enjoying loneliness and silence. Tomorrow I might have some time left to visit the famous salt mines nearby. During my trip I had some peaceful drawing sessions, it made me very focussed on some new ways of drawing and I also made some new alphabets. It was mainly after sundown that I took the brush, which is funny, usually in my atelier I prefer drawing in the mornings. Going to draw some more stuff now on my balcony. Bye! Vincent, for The Jaunt

I’ve visited a cave as well, this was the best I can do with the camera of my phone. What a beauty though! Amazing structures and perspectives. Because of the spotlights in the cave there were beautiful high contrast views. Also a contrast: being ‘inside’ planet earth, but feeling like being on the moon :)

Yesterday was a travel day, it took me 3 busses, 1 tram and two trains to make it down south. Watching the landscape of Poland was a joy, besides: I had a perfect chance for some drawings and listening to some music.

Im in the countryside of Poland, escaping the city and the usual. Today I’ve seen caves, mountains, lakes and valleys, but no clouds. It’s been great already for the first day of The Jaunt #36. Will keep you posted! ~ Vincent de Boer


sitting on a rock next to an iceberg

collecting sea urchins 

sitting in a fogged up cafe for two hours while it rained listening to the old lady locals talk




is also a painter

I told him how this painting is my favorite time of day – he called it the “Blue Hour”.

There is another painting he did of the sea – said the gulls in the painting were an afterthought – came home one day and the screen door had snagged the canvas so he had to paint the birds in to cover it up. Looks like you can see the ribs of a gull – but, it was just a mistake from the wind.

gathering color


drive from ST. JOHN north towards TRINITY

pit stop in Port Rexton at a brewery in the middle of a farm town + grilled cheese truck were the “Saucy Brudder” is the popular sandwich choice

GET LOST – wrap around the bay – discover a glacier that is really just an iceberg

end at the AROUND DA BAY INN – the inn keeper’s 10 year old son had a dream the night before about paintings with abstract shapes and colors. Seems like a good sign.

DAY 1 – met Angie up on a cliff after following her hand-painted sign that read “crafts and souvenirs”. She pointed out some paintings her sister-in-law Zita did. Each one had a long, hand-written anecdote on the back. Angie herself had some stories to tell. I got this one to remember –