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Today we choose to rent a scooter to be more freedom and discover the island differently. We did all the island from south to north, discover new beaches, churchs, houses, plants, some details, shapes or textures to collect before to leaving tomorrow !


Big day of hiking today. We decided to discover the north of the island, direction Ano Meria (or Pano Meria) by bus and by the only road of this island ! It is completely different of Chora, no village square but more rural atmosphere, some donkeys, goats, and olive tree … and No tourist (maybe too early …) We decided to go down to the sea, direction Ligeria and Ag. Georgios, there’s a lot of wind and it’s impressive to see how the land is arid here !

Today we decided to take our time this morning,
little walk in Chora. The village is very white, we try to find some color on this !!  We took the bus for
Karavostassi (the port) and go to Vardia, very peacefull (again) beach !
We did some diving on this crazy limpid sea !


Go to the beach in Agali by bus ! It’s very hot and the land look so arid. After to be in Agali we need to walk 30 minutes to go in a small creek call Agios Nikolaos, to late we are already burned by the sun :) The water is transparent, it’s very silencious beach, people are reading in the shade of tamarisks … We jump on the water directly, it’s very salt and they have some small fish on the rock ! First day and we fell completely in paradise.


Woke up this morning at 5am to take the ferry : Seajets (very speed)
4h30 for the ride with animal documentary Tv Show during all this :)

11:30 am Yes, we are in Folegandros, the island look amazing ! We stay in a very wondurfull place in Chora, the owner give us some tips for our trip here ! Direction bus station ….


3h30 flight without turbulence
1h of bus and we are in Piraeus Port (next Athens)
Small walk to find the place of the pier for tomorrow morning and go to eat in typical tavern a greek salad ! Weather is perfect, people so nice and they can drive scooter without helmet, freedom country …

‘Go on a trip’ said The Jaunt. ‘The Caribbean’ said I.

Gazing at plants and trees and their foliage, I got the notion that there is a universal balance behind every intuitive decision. To discover patterns in life’s chaos and then pointing out the flaws in those patterns could just be my purpose in life.And that foliage reminds us that the things we create are just dead monuments celebrating our living surroundings.I think these palm leaves illustrate that beautifully.

The day ended at the Club Deportivo I Cultural Sector La Paz, the local softball club in Cabarete.