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Day 3 … Valencia forced me to slow down today … it was a city holiday and everyone was just having coffee in the squares and walking their dogs … I wandered lost … hoping I might bump into a grocery store but only the corner stores were open so I had a diet of oranges , bananas and potato chips … lots of lazy drawing in the park

Day 2 : met up with a Canadian friend last night and wandered the maze of the old city drinking beer and looking at all the murals and architectural wonders … somehow managed to get up early today and go for a short freezing swim in the Mediterranean … my mind is boggled by the layers upon layers of history and color and the motion of all the people in the streets … this afternoon I am going to take a break from the sun and try to conjure up a drawing of my time in Valencia so far …

Day 1 : Valencia … my watch tells me I wandered over 20 km today … I haven’t been to Europe in almost 5 years and had forgotten how beautifully Europeans engage with their cities … the parks … the squares…the bars spilling out onto the streets … kids playing football down the alley … sounds reverberating off the rows of buildings late at night … laughter and the clink of bottles … I love you already Valencia

Dublin was a completely different experience than Kells Bay or Kerry, Ireland. One of the first things I noticed was the grit and texture of the streets and buildings. I was staying in The Liberties which is one of the oldest parts of the city. Dublin was settled by Vikings in the 10th century which was still evident today especially in how the roads are laid out.

I also had an opportunity to work on my screen print in a studio close by while in Dublin. This was great because I had just come off several days in the countryside and was really inspired and refreshed.

A few photos taken today on my trip through the Ring of Kerry, Ireland. I have to say, this was probably one of my top travel experiences as far as seeing such rich history and beauty. The castle ruins and forts are truly something to see and have a sculptural feel given the context and amount of work it must have taken to create these amazing structures. I love the contrast of old rock and stone with the grass and natural landscapes.

Blackrock Castle in Cork, Ireland. One of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited. So far, I’ve spent the last 2 days driving through the Irish countryside and have a list of places to visit tomorrow morning. Cork was a really cool city, much larger than I anticipated but worth the drive. The small towns throughout southeast Ireland are the best sites to see as well as the views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

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Some reading material and a few random items packed in the bag ready for Ireland with The Jaunt. I’m looking forward to landing in Dublin tomorrow morning and being on Ireland time. NYC-Dublin ✈️ 

Landed in Dublin this morning and drove a few hours through the countryside of Ireland. Beautiful landscapes and scenes here.



The typhoon is now far from Yakushima. For me It was quite an impressive night.

The walls of the house were shaking because of the wind. Everything went fine near my house. However, on the other side of the island there were some land sliding that covered the main road. Luckily, no one were injured.

I received some advices to stay home this morning because the wind was still strong so I waited until the afternoon and went for a walk in a village on the east coast.

The ferry should be back tomorrow so I will be able to go back to Kyushu and head to Fukuoka were I’ll take my flight back to France.

I had a wonderful jaunt trip that I will never forget. From the green forest of Shiratani Unsuikyo to the magical ancient trees of Yakusugiland everything was mind blowing ! I want to thank the Jaunt, my family and everyone who supported the event.