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sitting on a rock next to an iceberg

collecting sea urchins 

sitting in a fogged up cafe for two hours while it rained listening to the old lady locals talk




is also a painter

I told him how this painting is my favorite time of day – he called it the “Blue Hour”.

There is another painting he did of the sea – said the gulls in the painting were an afterthought – came home one day and the screen door had snagged the canvas so he had to paint the birds in to cover it up. Looks like you can see the ribs of a gull – but, it was just a mistake from the wind.

gathering color


drive from ST. JOHN north towards TRINITY

pit stop in Port Rexton at a brewery in the middle of a farm town + grilled cheese truck were the “Saucy Brudder” is the popular sandwich choice

GET LOST – wrap around the bay – discover a glacier that is really just an iceberg

end at the AROUND DA BAY INN – the inn keeper’s 10 year old son had a dream the night before about paintings with abstract shapes and colors. Seems like a good sign.

DAY 1 – met Angie up on a cliff after following her hand-painted sign that read “crafts and souvenirs”. She pointed out some paintings her sister-in-law Zita did. Each one had a long, hand-written anecdote on the back. Angie herself had some stories to tell. I got this one to remember – 

DAY 1 – found a cozy cottage in QUIDI VIDI VILLAGE to have lunch. Found a lucky seat at the bar next to Jay (short for Jesse Julius Jr.) 81 years old – still exploring. He had to wait 30 minutes for his seat at the bar – I said it was meant to be so we could have lunch together. 

Sent me on my way to Cape Spear. That’s where I found this Gatsby-green lighthouse in the fog. 

DAY 1 – drive into town, ask a construction worker the best direction to walk if looking for an adventure, he points East toward Signal Hill. Thanked him with some Queen Anne’s Lace

New Lucky Sketchbook for Newfoundland – collecting conversations, colors, flower petals, buried memories, buried treasure and so on.


heading to Newfoundland – warming up w these new oil crayons

stay. tuned. 

This is a picture of my new friend Segundo’s lovely hands and tiger blanket; he was my seatmate on the Lima leg of my flight home today. He was taking his first flight today at the age of 80, and everything about the process was new to him but he was totally just going for it and trusting in others to help him through. He said the flight was beautiful. I was very sad to part ways and I’m thinking of him a lot