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From Ubli I went to Pasadur and after a short walk and a climb up the hill I reached a deserted army station, which I had hear about. Thrown in windows, a rusted guard tower, and old decaying wall paintings. Time has stood still here, very glad to have seen this part of Lastovo while I was here.









This morning I woke up early at 5.30 to start drawing for my print. Around 08.30 I went out with my bike again to look for Jurjeva Luka, an old army station. It was a ride of about 30km, on my mountainbike. Up and down hill. But I made it.







While walking around the island of Lastovo, I found this spot to sit down and work on some drawings and sketches. Look at that view.




After arriving on the island of Lastovo yesterday, and enjoying the view from my apartment. Today was all about exploring the island. I walked from my apartment over to the town of Lastovo, the main town on the island.

I tried to rent a bike, but this proved more difficult than I thought it would be. Luckily, once I got there I was greeted by the owner of the local bar. She told me I was the only tourist in the village. She said something I couldn’t understand to a dog and the dog barked back at her and started walking. She gestured I should follow the dog and I ended up at the steps of an old castle. Covered in salamanders, the view was breathtaking!






After a flight to Split, Croatia and a catamaran boat ferry for almost 4 hours i arrived on Lastovo, an island with only 800 people living here and so much unrepped nature. Today i will explore the area by bike. In the next couple of days i will show you a lot more from Lastovo.

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We are stoked to announce our very first ‘Jaunt Alumni’ trip. Working together with Collin van der Sluijs for the second time!

To make it a little bit more exciting this time around, we haven’t told Collin yet where he will be going to. He knows to arrive at the airport on the 22nd of March, where he will receive all the information he needs to know.

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Day 5 in Jaipur: I took a morning trip to Jaigarh Fort, which was built to protect the royal family during times of war. It’s not as elaborately decorated as Amber Fort, but the view was worth enduring the desert heat. My last lunch in town was at the nicest place, Cafe Palladio.

This trip was a tough one, but a good one! I feel like I gained a greater trust and confidence in myself. I learned that all you really have control of is your mind and that it’s your attitude that shapes your experience.

Day Five in Jaipur: Jantar Mantar, Markets near Govind Dev Ji temple, Rajasthani Royal Thall, tired to get my star chart done at Janmpatika but the man entered the wrong birth month (so sad) and a night at Albert Hall

Day four, I went for a workshop in Bagru, a smaller city west of Jaipur and known for their block printing and natural dyes. The whole process involves first washing the thin cotton scarves in a mordant or mixture of cow dung and urine to allow the dyes to adhere to the fabric, drying, printing, more drying, washing in a mixture of sandalwood powder, boiling to fix colors, more washing and more drying. I may have skipped a few steps! The process is so complicated and labor intensive that I have even more admiration for the people who make this look easy. My hand is also super sore as I type.