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Final day in Nida working at the Nida Art Colony who have generously provided a studio for my stay here. One of the most peaceful and serene studios I have worked in.  I have been blessed with very sunny and windless days here so also have been taking time to work outside in the woods, dunes and painted pathways that link the colony to Nida to the Baltic Sea. We are heading back to Kaunas where I will be showing works made on this residency at http://www.nycesusai.lt/

Parnidis, the valley of drifting dunes where heavy footsteps displace one tonne of sand beside the impenetrable Russian border. Trees signal painted in orange and watch-towers raise high above the tree tops in wait for roaming wild boar, elk, moose and drifters. Prehistoric sundial displaced by hurricane feathers. The veins all point in the same direction. The work is coming faster now. A navigation is found and a routes decided upon. The painted coloured card prepared in the studio seem to have sub-consciously resonated with the local territory as if i had been here before. 

We are here in Nida exploring the pine forests and sand dunes of the the Curonian spit which is nearly 100km long between the Baltic Sea and Lithuania. It’s quiet here, the tourist season is ending and people are packing up their summer homes for winter. There is a sense of The Shining about it. People are airing mattresses and washing down drives. Silent forests surround us on all sides where wild boar, elk and moose roam. Beyond that huge sand dunes. In the next few days I will be working from the Nida Art Colony.

more impressions of Old Orchard Beach, ME 

artifice of amusement, Old Orchard Beach, Maine