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We are proud to introduce Andrea Wan as the first artist for our Jaunt Magna format.

Andrea is travelling to Nepal, where she will be taking a travelling residency for one month. For the first part of her trip she will be meditating at the Kopan monastery, and for the second part of her trip, she will be hiking through the Himalayas. Searching for space, peace and inspiration.

In March 2018 we will be presenting a solo exhibition with a new body of work, alongside a publication and of course a screenprint.

Join us on Andrea’s trip and order your screenprint right now on our website. As always, our prints are available for 60€ + shipping. Find all details at thejaunt.net/trips.

I’m above the Atlantic ocean as I write this last post, soon I’ll be landing at London Heathrow from where I will make a ollie over the gap back to Amsterdam. I’ve been walking through the streets of Albuquerque a little bit yesterday in a blazing 33 celsius heat. There wasn’t anything particular I wanted to see in the city and google didn’t really help out either so I deceived to go to a classic diner and have a great American breakfast before heading to the airport. I love that. The last 5 days have been pretty special to me, I’m grateful that I got to go to a place on earth that I always wanted to visit and now it happened and it did not disappoint in any way. Santa Fe is like they say a magical place. The last days also thought me a lot of new insights on one of my design hero’s Alexander Girard, special highlight was of course the International Museum of Folk Art and meeting the Curator who showed me the depot. So cool! I would like to thank Jeroen of the Jaunt and everyone who supported this trip. I will start thinking and working on a wooden sculpture multiple that represents this experience. Thanks again and all the best, Merijn.

Today I went back to visit the International Folk Art Museum for the second time just before I would had back to Albuquerque. I wanted to see the beautiful installation one more time so I can keep it in my mind for ever. After a long walk up to Museum Hill, an area outside the city where a few museums are located I first visited two other museums, The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture who both gave me some more inside of Native American culture and history. Interesting!

By arrival at the Folk Art Museum I was pleasant surprised that one of the people at the front desk introduced me to the curator of the collection and I got to see the depot in which all of the other 96.000 pieces are stored. She showed me some very special pieces that Alexander Girard collected but also pieces by his brother Tunsi and anniversary gifts that he made each year for his wife and so many other things. Unfortunately but absolutely understandable I was not able to make pictures.

After this immense experience I walked once more trough the Girard wing with a big smile and knew it was time to go home.

I hiked back to Downtown Santa Fe from where I took a train back to Albuquerque where I will spend some hours tomorrow before the long trip home on which I have plenty pleasant memories in Santa Fe to look back at.

A day to check out all the other things that this place has to offer. A lot of people here told me to check out Meow Wolf. This is a warehouse that artist turned in to a large ghost house like space with many smaller and bigger rooms with fantasy, fairy tail and science fiction scenes. I must say that it was very well executed but not really my taste and I did not stay too long. It was fun to see though.

After that I went back in to town to visit a few other must see attractions. The oldest house and the oldest church of the US, the San Miguel chapel build in de Adobe style and some of other Adobe houses. Nice to learn a bit more about this today.

I went to a exhibition space called Shiprock who have a beautiful series of woven blankets on view that where made by Native Americans around 1910. Really beautiful work and the owner was nice enough to give me some insides on the background of the work.

When visiting Santa Fe they say you must go to the Georgia O Keeffe museum. I’m not really a fan of her work but after a better look in person and seeing a documentary about here life I appreciate it a bit more I must say. Cool story and I did see a few paintings that I like.

The rest of the day I just strolled around town taking snaps with my phone. I must admit that I’m not really someone that stops and makes a sketch in his sketchbook. I simply can’t find the concentration to do it with so many impulses.

That’s it for today. I might visit the Folk Art Museum a second time tomorrow. Really can’t stop thinking about that room.

What a amazing day. I woke up quite early and drank a coffee in a park when a man came up to me and said: “summer’s over buddy”. Me in my shorts and t-shirt he in his ski jacket and gloves. Great start of the day right!

The first thing on my list was the visit to the International Folk Art Museum that has a Alexander Girard wing with over 10.000 pieces that he collected (they have 96.000 more pieces in storage) on display in a permanent exhibition that was designed by himself. The museum is a bit out of town, about an hour walk and I decided to choose a nice route to walk up there. I saw some beautiful surroundings along the way. Earth tones, turquoise, deep blue, warm yellows, stunning. When I arrived the museum was not open yet so I visited the botanic garden next to it. I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense to create one in the dessert.

Then finally a wish that I had for many years came true, I walked in to the museum and with one eye I already spotted the Girard wing. No, first the other collections. I slowly looked at everything they had on display. Tramp art, Chinese quilts. Interesting but then, the Girard wing. As soon as I entered I could not stop smiling, it was so beautiful and overwhelming. Everything fits together so well. Pieces that he and his wife collected from all over the world mixed together in one large space. No descriptions next to the pieces, I loved that. The displays painted in all the colors that he choose. Also the fabrics that he made for Herman Miller where used in the displays. Man, I loved all of it so much. Usually I run trough a museum but this, wow. A guy from the museum noticed that I was in there for a long time and we started talking and he walked me though all the displays explaining everything. For example in one of the displays Girard left one of his cigarets in a scene, he thought it was funny but the owner of the museum did not like it at all and he insisted that Girard had to take it out of the display. Girard answered: “If it doesn’t stay in I will take all of my 106.000 pieces home again”. So it stayed in. There are many other hidden jokes in the displays. I like that, I like that he did not take everything so seriously. Just see the beauty in thing. I can really relate to that. It made a huge impression on me.

I took a bus back to town and explored the plaza area for a bit and climbed up a hill just outside of town but I really though about was how beautiful this Girard wing was. More tomorrow!

After a long day of traveling yesterday, Amsterdam-Dallas, Dallas-Phoenix, Phoenix-Albuquerque I arrived in Albuquerque in the middle of the night. I had some time this morning to explore the Downtown area of Albuquerque for a few hours before I hopped on a train to my final destination Santa Fe where I just arrived. Here are a few things that I saw and liked along the way. Excited to start exploring this place!

Hi Merijn here, very excited to be on my way to Santa Fe!

Yesterday my travel in Poland ended! I was very lucky with the weather and with the fact that I was able to rent a mountainbike a few times, a great way to discover the landscape. Way better then a car if you ask me! Wanted to share this cave image with you, the lextures, the layers and the perspective is great to see. Going to try to capture that with a brush and some ink. Notice the entrance of the cave also: who would expect that inside you can walk an hour without seing anything twice! Thanks The Jaunt, for this great experience.

Poland has been good to me the past days! I’ve enjoyed the nature of Wisla on a mountainbike yesterday. Went uphill. Which was quite challenging due to the 34 degrees. Went for a swim, of course, cause to me there’s no trip without taking a dive. To get to Wisla I had to make a long travel, several trains and busses. That was joyful as well, I love train rides. No screen can compete the trainwindow. At some point during the travel the train didn’t go any further, so I had to take a bus instead, and a 1,5 hrs walk. During the train ride I had the chance of reading in my book: the letters of Vincent van Gogh. Speaking of traveling artists… Its highly inspiring to read his letters to his brother, that are about his challenges as an artist, his constant struggle with getting by and his issues with other people and enjoying loneliness and silence. Tomorrow I might have some time left to visit the famous salt mines nearby. During my trip I had some peaceful drawing sessions, it made me very focussed on some new ways of drawing and I also made some new alphabets. It was mainly after sundown that I took the brush, which is funny, usually in my atelier I prefer drawing in the mornings. Going to draw some more stuff now on my balcony. Bye! Vincent, for The Jaunt

I’ve visited a cave as well, this was the best I can do with the camera of my phone. What a beauty though! Amazing structures and perspectives. Because of the spotlights in the cave there were beautiful high contrast views. Also a contrast: being ‘inside’ planet earth, but feeling like being on the moon :)